I trust  you're here at this website because you're interested in taking a yoga class, or a Zumba class, or because a doctor told you you should be moving more. Or you're worried about maintaining your balance. Or hoping to control your stress level, which feels high. Or, a friend suggested my classes. Or, you're visiting mid-coast Maine and looking for a class while on vacation....

Briefly, here are the headlines of what I offer:

My classes are open to everyone, but my niche is the older student, beginners and experienced yogis and dancers, who are seeking classes that keep balance and range of motion a priority, as well as endurance, flexibility, strength, a bit of humor and a quiet mind.

If you're a beginner, please come. If you're an advanced student, please come - I'll invite you to slow down and do what you need to to have the class still feel juicy. I have a long history of dance and movement theater training that informs my teaching and a special love for the movers and shakers of the third age. 

Boogie. Bend. Balance. Breathe....